Yes, I do love Pizza, but I ain’t marrying it

Yesterday, Daughter and I made a quick-stop at the Smoor, Indiranagar to grab coffee and ice-cream. She decided to get a Pizza to-go. Here is the conversation that went between Laaija and and the Pizza guy.

Laaija: I want a Pizza that has chicken. My mom and dad will eat a slice each. So, I want a big enough one.

Pizza Guy: Ok. It will take 10–15 minutes. I’ll make a good one one for you. Do you like Pizza?

Laaija: I looooooove Pizza but I ain’t marrying it.

Puzza Guy: What? (He was clueless with Laaija’s joke.)

Laaija to me: He didn’t get it, did he? Should I explain?

Me: Well, if you have to explain your jokes and sarcasm, they are useless for your audience.

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.