Technology and the depletion of real grit and raw intelligence

Yesterday, my elder 8-year old daughter lost something. Her mom asked her to search around the house to find it. She asked me for help.

Fresh off the episodes of the fourth season of Sherlock, I was delighted that I got an opportunity to use my deduction skills. I began my lesson by teaching the 2 basic steps of finding a lost item;

  1. Remember the last time you had that item and work forward in your timeline. or
  2. Work backwards from now and connect the dots till you meet the timeline, whence you lost your item.

She ignored all of my smart deduction tactics. Instead, she replied, “Why don’t we just look at the security camera and find out where I left it?”


Kids these days are losing touch with real grit and raw intelligence. ;-) The camera she referred to is a simple Home Security Canary that we have it watching over the family. It was just a matter of knowing a rough time and watching it from there.

Anyway, her mom found the item, while we were trying to figure out the nearest timeline to watch.