Princess Day - Laaija

Princess Day - Laaija

Inspired by a story on the Internet, I decided to have a Princess day for my daughter - Laaija.

Princess Day — a day she can do whatever she wants and be treated like a princess.

The day started with a ‘breakfast in bed’ — the way she wants it. The bacon and the eggs didn’t look that good but she loved it.

I booked a tabled for the Lunch, and picked Portland Steakhouse & Cafe, MG Road, Bangalore. I’ve heard good reviews about their steak. My daughter loves steak.

She ends it with ice-cream, chocolates, and play-time at Funky Monkey, 1MG. Back home, she spent the remainder of her day playing Roblox.

Laaija loved her Princess Day. I’ve promised her she can pick a Princess Day each month.